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Why I abandoned my father’s $60m mansion – Davido



 Why I abandoned my father s 60m mansion Davido

Nigerian music star, David Adeleke, fondly known as Davido, has narrated why he once ran away from his family’s $60million house to sleep in a friend’s studio.

In an interview with REAL 92.3 FM, Davido said this happened because of his passion to do music.

During the interview, the 30-year-old singer highlighted how much he was willing to do music —so much so that he got on bad terms with his billionaire father, who was ready to give him the best life so long as he stayed in school.

The Afrobeat musician said: “ “People don’t really know about my past like the early part of my career. What was difficult for me was coming from a very wealthy background. Everybody just felt like, ‘Nah, his dad…This is money’. I dropped several records before they had to agree like, ‘Okay, he is actually good.’

“You know people love the grass to grace story. Everybody love the story of ‘I was down bad, now I’m up.’ I had never been really down bad. But I was passionate [about music]. We had a $60million-house in Nigeria that I ran away from; I was sleeping in my friend’s studio, hot. They were look at me crazy like ‘Bro, you better go home.’ I said, ‘I’m not going home.”

Meanwhile, Davido’s team has revealed that $5 million is the cost of getting the artiste for endorsement over a calendar year.

According to a post by Billpoint CEO, Linus Williams, on Instagram, Davido’s team disclosed the cost of bringing the musician on board as an ambassador to his company.

The post titled “Re: Endorsement Deal Inquiry” reads “Hello Mr Williams, thank you for your email. Davido’s endorsement fee is $5m for a full calendar year and is subject to review at the end of the endorsement period. kindly let me know how you would like to proceed.”


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