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UK: Drama as Shola Mos-Shogbamimu refuses to go on with TV interview over wrong pronunciation of her name 



 UK Drama as Shola Mos Shogbamimu refuses to go on with TV interview over wrong pronunciation of her name

Former editor and commentator Dawn Neesom was called out by political activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu for mispronouncing her name this morning.

The exchange occurred on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine show which Ms Neesom was presenting as host today.

Shola was one of the panelists who talk about stories and issues of the day.

But when the introductions started there was a mistake which was highlighted immediately.

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Dawn said: ‘ I am absolutely thrilled to be joined by lawyer Dr Shola’ but then struggled to pronounce her surname and asked her ‘How do I pronounce your name Shola?’

Dawn then tried again but appeared to have mispronounced it again.

Dr Shola, who had a smile on her face throughout, said: ‘This is terrible, especially from a presenter.’

Dawn was then told by her to go through it phonetically and said ‘Shola Mos Shog Mam Imu.’

Dr Shola responded: ‘Do it again.’

Dawan said ‘Oh come on, I got the Shola right’ but Dr Shola said ‘Do it again and do it phonetically.’

When it was still wrong Dr Shola said ‘You just missed the B try again’.

Dawn put her hand to her face and said ‘Shola, Shola welcome to the show!’

Dr Shola replied ‘No you will say my name now ready it phonetically’,

Dawn made what sounded to be nearly correct and Dr Shola said ‘It’s Shogbamimu but well done.’

The exchange was posted online and both people tweeted about it.

Dawn explained: ‘The most fun with the best panel this morning. That’s what three hours sleep does for you.’

Dr Shola retweeted the video as well but added no comment.

The academic, who has recently written an anti-racism book called This Is Why I Resist, has in the past month spoken about Meghan not attending the coronation.

She told GMB in April: ‘I think Meghan’s decision to say no to the most powerful family in Britain and to say no to the most talked about party in town is both admirable and inspiring.

‘What Meghan is doing is exercising the power of no that comes from a place of self-worth, growth, maturity and self preservation.’

When asked if it was because Meghan ‘didn’t feel welcome’ in the UK, she replied: ‘I don’t think that’s the case here.

‘I think that any wife out there that has bad in-laws like Meghan has with the Royal Family can deduce that she has drawn a line in the sand. She is saying I will attend royal events, but on my own terms.

‘But what is more powerful is that Meghan is telling the whole world that I am rejecting any notion that because I married into the Royal Family I should be bait for toxicity, rage and abuse.

‘She is saying to society as a whole: you don’t get to tell me who I should be as a woman, as a mother and as a wife’.



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