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World not fair to men – Cubana Chief Priest



 World not fair to men Cubana Chief Priest

Celebrity barman, Pascal Okechukwu aka Cubana Chief Priest has argued the world treats men unfairly compared to women, particularly as it concerns Father’s Day celebration.

Though it isn’t Father’s Day, Chief Priest presuming it is, insisted the world cares less about the men reason why it felt so cold, lacking any form of festivities like mothers’ do experience on their day.

“See as Father’s Day cold. The world is really not nice to men.

“I can’t even compare this day to Mother’s Day where you will see mothers being super celebrated, get home to amazingly made meals.

“Oya check your timeline, home, church, neighborhood, text messages, calls etc. Today just be like normal Sunday.

“Dear men your happiness dey your hands. Make out time to take care of yourself & celebrate yourself. The world no really care about us. Happy Father’s Day, God is with us. #DrEzeMuo,” he tweeted.

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Father’s Day is a global celebration that honours fatherhood and the influence of fathers in families and society as a whole.

While Father’s Day can be described as “less popular” than Mother’s Day or the celebration of mothers, the special day is already gaining momentum across the world with more and more people honouring it, particularly people who share a great relationship with their fathers.

Father’s Day is celebrated on different days across the world but as the special day is becoming more popular, there seems to be a slow unification of the dates for Father’s Day across different countries.

Most countries, including Nigeria, now celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in the month of June.

In fact, over 52 countries celebrate Father’s Day on this day as well. And this year’s celebration falls on June 18.



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