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Voting PDP presidential candidate is a waste of vote – Muhammad Isah



 Voting PDP presidential candidate is a waste of vote Muhammad Isah

As the 2023 presidential elections fast approaching, it is time for the general populace, the youths especially to reflect and learn a few lessons from the politicians who have immensely contributed to seeing the country where it is today. In a number of interactions I have had with my follow youths various levels, there is one common challenge.

Many of the Nigeria youths want to be given what their need on a silver platter, and if it does not happen they end up frustrated and criticising everything about the government. Or worse still others have resorted to heavy drinking as away of escaping problems they have used their own hands to create, which is completely wrong. Reality cannot be escaped, it has to be confronted.

In regards to the 2023 presidential election, It is clear from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar’s campaigns, one can therefore concludes that casting a vote for him is a waste.

Taking for examples, Borno is a state in Northeast, Atiku is a North East man. But the day he went there for campaign, he was welcomed by broom and Tinubu/Shettima posters.

He left the City of El Kanemi in disgrace. Based on this singular rejection, Voting such a Presidential candidate is a waste.

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Akwa Ibom is in South-South and it has always been a PDP stronghold and so after PDP leaders submitted ‘their brains’ , they agreed that it would be the state for the flag off of their presidential campaign. But because they couldn’t get enough adults to attend the flag off, the organisers hired school children to fill the pitch. It was colourful, to be candid because those pupils were dressed in bright colours of lemon and purple mostly. Every self deceit was going on as planned until the shout of Obi! Obi!! rented the air. How could a sane person waste a vote on such a Presidential candidate?

Atiku and his host governor and other high profile PDP people must continue to smile and wave to the shout of Obi of Labour Party in their own flag off. This is laughable and the youth ought to know that any vote casted for such a Presidential candidate is not only a waste but wasteless.

I condemn the stoning of his convoy in Abeokuta but over all, the campaign in Ogun state was a complete mess too. When he came to Ibadan, the PDP Governor did not welcome him to the state neither did he attend the rally. In this obvious sign that Atiku has been rejected by the electorates, does it still needs the Oraclist in Imiegba town to telling you that voting Atiku is a waste?

In Ondo state, the PDP leader in the state, former Governor Mimiko boycotted the rally. Atiku had to rely on inconsequential members left in the party. Fayose didn’t attend Ekiti rally which witnessed the least number of participants till date.

Delta is the state of his running mate but right to their face, when Obaseki asked if Deltans will vote for PDP, they chorused Noooo and Obaseki had to ask again and got same response, this time louder. The Edo Judas became confused that he said the people should go out and vote on October 25.

One of the most disappointed Campaigns by Atiku was the one conveyed in Sokoto! He stepped his foot in Sokoto with beautiful smiles hoping to meeting with the hero of Democracy in the PDP Camp. This is simply because Sokoto is very significant in this contest. It is the state of Tambuwal to whom the Chairman of the PDP described as an hero of Democracy. Of a truth, the Chairman got it wrong by attributing this title to Tambuwal because he supposed to appear neutral during the party Primaries but instead Ayu declared Tambuwal hero. This is a complete story for another day.

Tambuwal is the only PDP Governor in North West and he is also Atiku’s campaign DG.
But despite all these, the turn out wasn’t the expectations of Atiku and his entourages because the rally was a mess. Do you need the Ukaku the Chief Priest of Okhivhie of Imiegba land to tell you that voting Atiku is a waste of vote after seen the practical truth that Wamakko has emptied the party in Sokoto?

It’s time we should shun PDP-Atiku’s Campaign Propaganda because there are lessons we all need to learn from Atiku’s sales of Niger Dock during his time as the Vice President of Nigeria.

To make matter worst, Atiku has now been seen as a lying machine, this is obvious when one of the news papers quoted him of saying “I am in talk with Kwankwaso, Obi and one of them may probably come”. Based on this lies, Kwankwaso and Obi has come to belied him. Do you need to waste your vote on a candidate who used lies as Strategic measures to win elections?

Let’s focus on attentions on Tinubu, who in the past helped to shape one of the state in Nigeria he governed for 8 years through his hard work amidst systematic obstacles created by Obasanjo’s regime.

We should all come together to vote a man whose tasted leadership can move the Nation forward. Tinubu has fought for our political freedom through the reshape of Lagos state without Federal allocations.

In conclusion, instead of wasting your vote on the Presidential candidate of the PDP, cast that vote on Tinubu whose Records of Strong Leadership in Difficult Times has been tested and trusted. This is because we have all saw originality in the leadership acumen of Tinubu in his Lagos-Enron drive, LASTMA, LAWMA, LAMATA, IGR, and amongst others including being the first to motivate Judges and Magistrates with higher salaries than Federal Government, first state to digitalize civil service, his dexterousness and prudence in creating and sustaining the Local Governments and Local Council Development Authorities despite all attempts by the Obasanjo presidency to undermine him compared to Atiku.

Tinubu has glaring proven evidence of strong leadership in difficult times. Voting the people Democratic Party Presidential Candidate is a waste of vote.

Muhammed Isah, an APC chieftain writes in from Kano

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