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Emmanuella Samuel Biography, Family, Education, Career and Net Worth



 Emmanuella Samuel Biography Family Education Career and Net Worth
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In this piece, chronicles the biography, family, education, career and net worth of Emmanuella Samuel.



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Photo of comedienne Emmanuella

Emmanuella Samuel simply known as Emmanuella is a young successful Comedienne and YouTuber in Nigeria.


The celebrity child comedian Emmanuella is known for her appearances on comedy videos on Mark Angel’s Youtube channel.



Emmanuella was born on 22nd July 2010 to Imo State indigenes mother and father; James Samuel and Cynthia Samuel.

Her parents reside in the South-South region, particularly, Port Harcourt in Rivers State.


The emerging toddler wasted no time in announcing her prodigious character, featuring in a brief comedy clip only aged five.


In 2021, Emmanuella took to Instagram to announce the completion of a house she built for her parents.

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Photo of Emmanuella’s house gift to her parents

The gesture earned her the respect of many and was much talked about in 2020.

She also posted a picture of herself in a convey aircraft as well as other pictures of her time with friends and family.




Emmanuella is currently a pupil at Brighton Gate Academy School located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


With so much to offer in the coming years, fans and well-wishers alike will certainly see more of the talented kid.



Emmanuella‘s early success was no accident. Her career as a comedienne began during a holiday with family members where she was privy to meet Mark Angel; an upcoming skitter at the time.


Mark Angel, who needed children to play a role on his next episode of a comedy series had subjected a set of children to some tests.

However, they all failed to make the scratch as they couldn’t memorize the scripts given to them.

Emmanuella, however, was exceptional, memorizing her role and imploring Mark to convince her parents to feature her alongside his comedy team.


The 12-year-old protege first appeared in Mark Angel’s skits when she was just 5 and gained a national and international audience after the comedy skit “This is not my real face” went viral.

So far, the Port Harcourt-based youngster has bagged numerous awards both domestically and on the international scene.


Recently, she won a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite African Social Star and also got featured in a Disney Film.


Her huge fan base on social media includes over 600,000 followers on Instagram and over 5 million followers on Facebook.


Due to the location of her community and her age at the time, there were doubts about how the public would react to her first appearance in front of the cameras.


However, Emmanuella silenced doubters in no time after featuring in a Mark Angel Comedy video titled, My Real Face.


Her parents were also supportive and spurred their baby girl from one fit to another, eventually launching her into stardom quite early.


In 2018, Emanuella got an honorary invitation from Bukola Saraki to the National Assembly after she landed a role in a Disney film.


She was also hosted in 2016 by CNN and has also appeared in several interviews since making her debut.


Her net worth have been estimated to be between $150,000-$500,000; most of which comes from her influence on social media through views of her comedy skits.

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