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Court sends 2 Senegalese lawmakers to jail for assaulting female colleague



 Court sends 2 Senegalese lawmakers to jail for assaulting female colleague
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A court in Senegal has sentenced two lawmakers to jail for assaulting their pregnant colleague during a parliamentary session.

During a budget presentation on December 1, Massata Samb, an opposition member of parliament, walked over and slapped Amy Gniby, a member of the ruling Benno Bokk Yakaar (BBY) coalition.

The incident set off a series of altercations.

Samb was addressing the assembly about comments Gniby made over the weekend, in which the latter criticised a spiritual leader opposed to a third term for President Macky Sall.

“Mister President, a deputy has stood in front of this tribune to insult someone’s marabout [spiritual leader],” said Samb.

Gniby reportedly scoffed at the remarks and declared she did not care, after which Samb walked over and hit her, TV footage showed.

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Gniby responded by throwing a chair at Samb, and in the brawl that followed, she fell to the ground and was also kicked in the abdomen by Amadou Niang, another member of the opposition.

The brawl escalated political tensions in Senegal that have gotten worse since the ruling party lost its majority in a July legislative election.

The development comes amid a proposed third term, but the president has refused to affirm if he will re-contest.

In reaction to the national assembly brawl, a court in Senegal, on Monday, sentenced Niang and Samb to six months in jail.

The lawmakers were also ordered to pay a total of 5 million CFA francs (around $8,000) in compensation to Gniby.


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