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Bauchi education commissioner, Tilde resigns



 Bauchi education commissioner Tilde resigns
Bauchi Governor, Bala Mohammed


Bauchi State Commissioner for Education, Dr Aliyu Usman Tilde has resigned his appointment as a member of State Executive Council (SEC).

Tilde disclosed this on his Facebook page, stating that the resignation took effect on Monday, 5th December, 2022.

He said he received a reply to that effect from the office of the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) following his letter to of resignation to the SSG.

Tilde had a turbulent tenure as Education Commissioner because of some reforms he tried to introduce in the education sector which were misunderstood on several occasions and led to collision with members of the State Assembly.

He wrote in Arabic and English on the Facebook: “Farewell, Bauchi
وَقُل رَّبِّ أَدۡخِلۡنِی مُدۡخَلَ صِدۡقࣲ وَأَخۡرِجۡنِی مُخۡرَجَ
صِدۡقࣲ وَٱجۡعَل لِّی مِن لَّدُنكَ سُلۡطَـٰنࣰا نَّصِیرࣰا﴿ ٨٠ ﴾

And say: My Lord! Cause me to come in with a firm incoming and to go out with a firm outgoing. And give me from Thy presence a sustaining Power. (Al-Isra’, Ayah 80)”

He added,”That was my prayer as I left my office last Thursday after writing a letter to His Excellency, the Governor of Bauchi State, to allow me attend to a call of an associate who direly needs my services. ”


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“Few minutes ago, Today, 5 December 2022, I received a letter from the Secretary to the Government conveying my release by His Excellency. In it the Secretary conveyed “the appreciation of the Executive Governor for your contribution to the Education Sector and wish you well in your future endeavour…” he added.

He also wrote that “With this my tenure as Commissioner of Education has come to an end. I am happy to see the peaceful ending of what have been very exacting but fruitful years and will ever remain grateful to God who stood by me until the last minute.”

“It was natural that the above verse came to mind as I was taking a memorable snapshot of the office. (Inset) I pray that he will also be with me in my new assignment, ” he further wrote.

Tilde concluded stating, “I thank the entire people of Bauchi State for the cooperation they gave me and will ever remain grateful to the public servants with whom I have interacted over the 3 years and three months of my tenure. Of particular mention here are staff of the Ministry, the Zonal Offices and Schools; Teachers, PTAs, SBMCs, Development Partners, NGOs and volunteers.Thank you all, once more. Alhamdulillah.”

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