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Oba Eresoyen’s children fault FG take on high cost of living, seek economic reforms



 Oba Eresoyen s children fault FG take on high cost of living seek economic reforms

The children of Oba Eresoyen, the monarch who ruled Benin Kingdom between 1735-1750, on Thursday faulted the Federal Government on its take on the economic hardship in the country.

Recall that the Federal Government had on three days ago said that the preference of state governors to build flyovers and airports instead of projects that can improve life in the rural areas was not helping in alleviating poverty in the country.

But His Royal Highness, ( HRH) Prince Osagumwenro Eki Eresoyen, the Enogie of Urhogua Dukedom in Benin Kingdom said that Federal Government had also been lagging in its responsibility to ensure that Nigeria citizens are relieved of the heavy burden of hunger and poverty considering the high cost of food items across the nation.

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While saying that the Federal Government had also failed to assist real farmers, the Enogie a proud descendant of Oba Eresoyen said : “We have also found FG not proactive in assisting farmers to grow farm crops properly in order to produce more food items.. It’s a pity that FG is not doing anything worthwhile to ensure that hunger is a thing of the past..We thought that Federal Government by now would boost agriculture sector, but this not as the cost of living, insecurity among others have demobilized millions of Nigerians”.

Enogie Eresoyen, however, appealed to President Muhammadu Bahari to ensure that farmers are well mobilized to ensure they produce enough food items, among others for the growth of the already collapsed economy.

” We are urging President Muhammadu Bahari to invest more on Agriculture sector so as to grow farm crops and the farmers would produce more food items to consumers,” be saif.

While urging sons and daughters of Oba Eresoyen to eschew whatever that would bring them disgrace, Enogie Eresoyen commended the Oba of Benin, OMONOBA N’ Edo Uku Akpolokpolo , His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewaure 11,for his good works,especially in the ban on illegal activities on lands, and the reintroduction of great Benin history among others since he ascended the thrown of his father.

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