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Funny Bros Biography, Comedy, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth and Assets



 Funny Bros Biography Comedy Family Education Career Net Worth and Assets
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In this piece, chronicles the biography, family, education, career, net worth and assets of a fast-rising social media comedian, Funny Bros.


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Photo of Funny Bros

Onwuka Ugochukwu Richard popularly known as Funnybros is a Nigerian comedian who is becoming more and more popular as regards to the skits he makes and shares on social media.


But the comedian does a lot more than just make funny skits and share them everywhere.




Funny Bros was born on the 26th of July 2000 and hails from Anambra State.


However, he was raised by his parents in Aba, Abia State, before his mother passed away, making his upbringing rough.



Funny Bros got both his first school leaving certificate and his Senior Secondary Certificate in Abia State.


He went to Abia State University in Uturu and is now studying Physical Science there.



He started making skits in 2019 while he was still getting his degree in Physical Science from Abia State University.


People often use phrases like “Ikotaram,” “Onwe Otu Ihea Shi Eme,” “Onye Kwuru that thing,” and many others to talk about him.


Looking at his style of comedy, you’ll see that it was heavily influenced by the famous comedian Oga Sabinus, also known as “Mr. Funny.”

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At first, it was hard for him to get people’s attention, but over time, his number of fans grew.

Even though his skits are mostly in English, he mixes in the Igbo language, and they are always set in the bush or a village, which makes them unique.


In 2021, he became more well-known when his fans started sharing his work on different social media sites.


He has also won some awards since he started, like;

The “best content creator of the year” 2021 of the Physical Science Faculty in ABSU.

Some of his Comedy songs include:

  • Account Number Funnybros
  • Oru nakwu ugwo Funnybros
  • Odiram Easy Yung Daddy
  • Enwe Otu Oshi Mee


As a rising comic, the bulk of his wealth has been generated through influencing deals and his skit-making business. Currently, his net worth is estimated at $10,000.


Recently, the Nigerian skit maker bought himself a Toyota Camry.

The mid-size sedan car is the 2010 model of the Toyota Camry manufactured with a solid engine, has a smooth ride, and a spacious cabin.

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