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Why the military is winning the war



 Why the military is winning the war

Recently I was privileged to have a discussion with a politician, who is knowledgeable in national affairs.

The discussion centred on fears over the security challenges affecting the conduct of the 2023 General elections. We looked closely at how the activities of the criminals and other enemies of the state has impacted on governance in the country.

My politician friend gave me hope that whatever happens, the election will hold. He touched a very sensitive area. The role of the military.

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According to him, “I am elated the way the military has gone about their operations with accurate professionalism of recent. They are doing their job quietly with success”

My friend mentioned one word which very many in the country, including President Muhammadu Buhari has come to appreciate, synergy.

According to him, “The synergy of the Armed Forces of Nigeria is very commendable. We have not seen it like this in the past. The Chief of Defence Staff, Gen LEO Irabor has done very well in making synergy a watchword in the conduct of military operations. That is what is giving them the successes.”

Without doubt, the citizens confidence in ability to win the war against the insurgents is at all time high. Nigerians are getting more assured that light is at the end of the tunnel.

News from the various theatres of operations is cheering for a people who before this time wondered if the military have given up hope in dealing with the enemies of the country.

While NAF jets are busy striking the location of terrorists, the army is on ground pursuing and making them uncomfortable. The Navy is not relenting in going after criminals operating in our water ways, especially crude oil thieves who have denied the country billions of dollars.

Remarkably, the noise about illegal bunkering is at all time high because we have a Chief of Defence Staff who is very determined to get to the root of the matter.

In the North-East, the people are returning to their means of livelihood, just as we hear every day of the insurgents surrendering to the superior power of our troops.

Talking about the North-East, discussion with a member of the Civil Society who is based in Maiduguri, Borno State is cheering.

The lady who is an activist for girl child and gender equality lauded the military for restoration of Peace in the region. According to her, “We are happy what the military is doing here. Peace is gradually returning though some of the terrorists are not willing to give up arms.”

As a North-Eastener, my joy in having our region return to path of peace is understandable. Some of us have been displaced in several facets of life. Our businesses crumbled. The contacts and prospects we envisaged for a better tomorrow got almost dashed.

The several oversea economic investments we craved were lost and may never come back, not to mention the torment of remembering boys of 10 to 15 years turning to murderers.

But like my friend the politician said, the military is very much ready to restore our hopes and aspirations.

My plea is for our people to cooperate with the Armed Forces of Nigeria, so peace and stability can be quickly restored. If we refuse to support the Chief of Defence Staff and his troops, our days of tears may be elongated.

The troops want to sacrifice for us to move forward. We as a people have a role to play.

We are in a hurry to usher in peace!

Habibu Liman wrote in from Potiskum, Yobe State

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