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Lady discovers her husband has no legs after wedding



 Lady discovers her husband has no legs after wedding
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A touching story of a man who hid his disability from his fiancee until after their wedding has surfaced online.

The man, identified as Jado, and his lover simply known as Bora, were said to have dated for a long time before they eventually tied the knot.

During their courtship, Jado was said to have concealed the fact that he has no legs from Bora for fear of being rejected.

The move, it is understood, was due to his past experiences with ladies who dumped him due to his condition.


Jado was said to have lost his legs to bomb explosion when he was a child.

He met Bora at a singing competition. The pair exchange phone numbers during the encounter and fell in love thereafter.

Bora, however, had no idea that her lover had no legs.

This was because Joda always walked on artificial legs.


In a now-viral video, the lady said she thought his inability to walk properly was due to a fracture.

But after their wedding, she discovered the truth.

In the video, Bora said she was not angry with her husband after he explained the reason behind his action.

The lady’s family was said to have opposed the marriage due to the man’s disability.

Despite the opposition, Bora did not back out of the union.

Their love story has continued to garner commendations from several people on social media.

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