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Reactions as Aisha Yesufu knocks Peter Obi over tweet on Ekweremadu



 Reactions as Aisha Yesufu knocks Peter Obi over tweet on Ekweremadu


Reactions have continued to pour in over the tweet by presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi, on the arrest of Ike Ekweremadu and his wife in the United Kingdom over organ harvesting allegation.

PlatinumPost reports that Obi had in a tweet on his verified Twitter handle said : “My family and I are with the Ekweremadu’s over their travail. We join all men of goodwill in praying for the healing of their daughter and commit them into God’s hand for justice to be done. -PO”

But reacting to the tweet, rights activist and Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) campaigner, Aisha Yesufu, expressed disappointment over Obi’s decision to leave out the boy that was allegedly taken to United Kingdom for his organ.

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“This is not good!
I have spent 7 years getting explanation from others of what Buhari actually means to say and for others to start doing it again with Obi is absolute BS!

” You can stand with the Ekweremadus and also stand with the boy.
You can ask for justice for both

” You can feel empathy and sympathy for the girl that is sick and also feel concern for the boy, ” she said.

But reacting, a Twitter user Nwoke Oma, however, said there was nothing wrong in Obi’s tweet.

“How can a person stand for good and evil?
Obi prayed for the daughter to get well and for the culprits to be judged according to the law.
Stop looking for loopholes.”

On his part, Sulaimon Abass said, ” he feels like her opinion is always the right one. Just like when he went to Egypt. ”

Other replies to Yesufu’s tweet are as follows :
@real_onuoha :”Having options on everything sometimes makes one sounds off. “Justice to be done” means what in that tweet?”

@jummydominic :” I have read his response his post again and again trying to see it from the angle you are coming from ma…..and I can’t seem to see anything horribly wrong with what he wrote…”

” Heis sympathizing with the illness of their daughter at the same time hoping for justice to be done wether it’s against them or for them….he can’t wish the child death or badluck because the parents did something wrong.”

@IbekweAnyamel:”I think when he said for “justice to be done” means everything. remember Ike is not guilty yet.
I think there is nothing wrong with @PeterObi post.

@abs_realtors : “Aisha, imagine if your daughter was in need of a kidney and about to loose both her parents at the same time and you are saying Peter’s comment on the Daughter and Justice for the everyone is wrong?

@Ubilicious :” But he basically didn’t mention the boy in the Tweet.
He mentioned the Ekweremadu’s including their sick daughter but he didn’t mention the boy.

” Please don’t tell me his call for justice to be done translates to mentioning the boy. I doesn’t.
Very clumsy Tweet by PO.”

@Ubilicious : “I refuse to believe that you guys defending that Tweet are not being disingenuous.
” The world today is where people look away 4rm truth & justice if they can glean any benefit or just oppose for the thrill of it.
“How can one say it’s okay that the boy wasn’t directly mentioned?”

@dave_adeniyi :”I think we all misunderstood his post. “my family and I are with the Ekweremadus OVER THEIR TRAVAIL”. WE join all men…in praying for the HEALING OF THEIR DAUGHTER…. What is the travail here?
Justice is in two ways, it could be favour or not.”

@abs_realtors:”Matter of fact. Ike and his wife aren’t the only Ekweremadus. And yes he can stand for the rest of the family and stand for justice!

” Even judges usually consider lighter sentences or proximity of prison to loved ones .It doesn’t mean they aren’t serving justice! Think about it.”

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