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How lawyer who dressed in traditional worshiper attire ‘forced’ justices to vacate courtroom



 How lawyer who dressed in traditional worshiper attire forced justices to vacate courtroom


There was a mild drama at the Supreme Court on Thursday when a civil rights activist, Malcolm Omirhobo, Esq, appeared before judges in traditional religious attire.

Omirhobo appeared before the judges over the ruling on hijab dressing in schools.

A seven-member panel of the Supreme Court had on June 17 affirmed the rights of the Muslim female students in Lagos State to wear the head covering, known as hijab, to school without harassment or discrimination.

The panel had ruled that the high court judgement banning female students from wearing hijab with their school uniforms and being discriminatory toward people of other faiths.

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However, Omirhobo arrived at the apex courtroom as it was in session dressed in a red kilt, a bunch of cowrie shells around his neck, two long feathers to his wig, and white chalk drawing to his right eye.

The strange attire, which was complemented with a pair of ankle bands, forced the justices to retire into their chambers.

The lawyer informed journalists the attire was in compliance with the judgment of the Supreme Court, permitting “religious dressing” in schools, and that he has a right to appear as a traditionalist.

“The Supreme Court justices by their judgement have declared religious freedom for all.

“Because I am a traditionalist and this is the way I worship. Based on the decision of the Supreme Court this is how I will be dressing henceforth in court because I am a strong adherent to “Olokun” the god of rivers.”

Malcom said the implication of the judgement was that every Nigerian, including doctors, police, military students, and journalists, can now wear their mode of worship in public places.

He added that he was not against the judgement rather he was happy with the decision because it strengthened and enriched the rights of all Nigerians as stipulated in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.





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