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Squid Game: Popular blockbuster series set to make season 2 return



 Squid Game Popular blockbuster series set to make season 2 return

Squid Game season two is going to be a bigger thriller and will include games that will prove a tougher test for humanity.

The show’s director Hwang Donghyuk said that the sequel of the first Netflix blockbuster will be full of surprises and “nothing but chaos.

“Humanity is going to be put to a test through those games once again.” Hwang quipped: “I want to ask the question, is true solidarity between humans possible?” The director noted that he believes problems amongst the players in Squid Game could be solved if they became supportive of each other. He said: “If they were capable of talking with one another, of co-operating with one another, I do agree that there could have been a possibility that we could have seen more winners

Actor Lee Jung-Jae told PEOPLE the upcoming season will serve new surprises to viewers. “I hope there’s some sort of twist that’ll be exciting and surprising for me and the viewers,” Lee said. “If it was predictable, it would be no fun

He said he needed to get teeth implants but has not been able to get time to do it due to his now busy schedule. Hwang said, in the past, people called the idea strange and very distant from reality, but now they call it exciting, noting they would play. He said the filming was very physically demanding, and some actors would get injured. Some characters’ names were based on Hwang’s life, including his friends from childhood and family.






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