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Petrol scarcity: Hoodlums attack motorists queueing for fuel in Abuja



 Petrol scarcity Hoodlums attack motorists queueing for fuel in Abuja
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Some motorists who woke up early Friday morning in search of fuel in Abuja have been attacked by hoodlums.

The hoodlums, who allegedly wielded dangerous weapons, disposesd their victims of various belongings, including phones.

A journalist in one of the nation’s dailies, Ikechukwu Nnochiri, who narrowly escaped the attack, made this known in a post on his Facebook page on Friday.

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His post titled, ‘My Near Death Experience This Morning’, read in full : “It was like a scene from the movies. Nothing prepped my mind for the experience I had this morning.

” For almost two weeks now, most of the fuel stations in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, are either selling to customers from few pumps, or not even selling at all.

” The resultant effect is that there are long queues of cars in the few fuel stations that are selling.

” Since my tank was already on ‘red’, I decided to sacrifice my sleep to go and search for fuel.

“Because I know how chaotic situations at the stations could be, I left the house around 4:30am to search for fuel.

” On getting to a branch of the NNPC, close to American International School/Christ Embassy Durumi, which I heard discharged fuel on Thursday, just as I was about to park behind cars that were already on queue at that early hour of the day.

” I noticed that there was a kind of commotion in front of the line and I equally also saw some guys with very bright touch lights.

” Before I could effectively process what was happening, one was already on me through the passenger side.

“Sensing danger, I quickly wound up my glass and was about reversing when the guy attempted to strike me with his Cutlass.

” His blow landed on the side of the car, inches away from my tinted glass.

“At that point, instead of reversing fully, I immediately accelerated.

” Unfortunately for me, the car that was directly in front of me, was also trying to do the same, so we brushed ourselves. They had already dispossessed the driver of his phone and wallet before he dared the odds to escape.

” Meanwhile, the nincompoop that attacked me was shouting; “I will pieces you today. ‘Danbruoba’ (a curse in Hausa language)”.

“Omo! With my Adrenaline level on 100% mode and my ESUT survival instincts on full gear, I zoomed off without looking back!

” Remarkably, before I could get to Area 1 roundabout (not too far from where the incident took place), red battery light showed on my dashboard and my car stopped.

” I switched off the ignition and restarted the car and it answered me again.

“I am currently on a queue at another fuel station.

” I thank God for his deliverance o!

“What would have happened, assuming that sharp matchet landed on my head?

” What would have happened, assuming my car stopped me at the point of the attack?

“Many questions have been running through my mind this early morning.

” Abeg make una join me to thank God o!”


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