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Atiku reacts to Afegbua’s bribery comment



 Atiku reacts to Afegbua s bribery comment

Former vice president and leading presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has responded to a claim by a former commissioner for information in Edo state, Kassim Afegbua against him.

Afegbua had alleged that the ex-vice president was accused of demanding a bribe of $500,000 to facilitate the award of contracts to two American telecommunication firms in Nigeria.

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar said he has visited the US several times in the last few years.

The director-general of Face of Waziri-Nigeria (FOWN), Ade Bukky, said Atiku would not have ordinarily responded to Afegbua’s false claim because he knew he was sponsored by his paymasters to malign his integrity ahead of the 2023 presidential election, but the statement was meant to put the record straight for posterity.

Bukky noted that Atiku never demanded any money from anyone, adding that the ex-president had travelled to the US many times and that he has never been detained, harassed, or questioned.
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He added that Atiku is the most investigated in Nigeria and that till this moment, nothing was found against him or any of his family members, saying that the presidential hopeful has nothing to do with 500,000 dollars when he has chains of legitimate businesses in Nigeria.

Afegbua is being sponsored by his paymasters. According to him, Afegbua is only displaying and acting the scripts of his paymasters from the south-south and southwest, adding that he is only bent on tarnishing the image of Atiku since he couldn’t get the position and money he requested from the former VP and the technical committee he set up for the actualisation of his aspiration.

Bukky said: “Atiku never demanded any money from anyone. Atiku had travelled to the US many times and he has never been detained, harassed, or questioned.

The US is a country that is well organised and doesn’t joke with comprehensive investigation. “Atiku is the most investigated in Nigeria and till this moment, nothing was found against him or any of his family members.

He further stated: “Afegbua is a serial job and money seeker known by all. He will lick any plate so far he could find a remnant of a piece of soup and crunch of bones there.

Afegbua will surely have a date with the court soon for defamation of character. Afegbua has no known business except the blackmail job he does around Abuja to make ends meet.

“No wonder his former employer IBB discarded him like a tissue paper because of his lies, arrogance, and serial demands for money. Atiku is focused, steadfast, and unshakable by Afegbua and his paymasters.

“Atiku had been investigated thoroughly on Halliburton and US find nothing against him and also Nigeria find nothing against him, Afegbua was only throwing tantrum since he knows Atiku will get PDP ticket.”



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