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Female student, varsity prof entangle in sexual assault saga



 Female student varsity prof entangle in sexual assault saga
Sexual Assault

A female student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State has narrated how she was sexually assaulted by her lecturer, Professor XXX.

The student, last month, dragged her lecturer before a university panel, saying she was “violated” by the professor.

She said the professor pleaded with her to give him a ‘hand-job’ and despite her pleas to be left alone, the professor pulled her to himself, rubbing his penis on her buttocks.

The aggrieved student said she was so petrified and traumatised all through the period of the incident as she called for justice. She said the Professor is the lecturer-in-charge of one of the courses she’s enrolled in and might fail her.

The female student’s letter reads in part, “I begged him that I was not comfortable at all that he should please let me go, but he didn’t listen to me. He laid down on his couch and was using my hand to stroke his penis.

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“At some point, he stood up, dragged me to his table, turned my back to him and was rubbing his manhood on me. At this point, all my pleas to him to please release me fell on deaf ears.

“He pinned me there against the table, rubbing his penis on my back, repeating over and over again, “O ṣe é, O ṣe é” (thank you).

“Taking advantage of my vulnerability because he is physically stronger than me, he sexually assaulted, molested, and violated me.

“He used both his physical strength and high office and power as a professor in the Department of African Languages and Literatures to sexually impose himself on me, despite my pleas to him that I did not want his violent actions and forced attack on me.

“For how long he was doing this to me, I could not tell because my heart was beating so fast out of fear, and I was drenched in sweat from a panic attack”.

However, responding to the allegations, the university professor in a letter to the Department’s head said the panel should dismiss the petition instituted by the affected student, as she was his fiancee of four years.

The professor claimed whatever happened in his office was consensual and had been initiated by Hannah. He also said the allegations levelled against him by the female student were ”a ploy to escape marrying him”.

“In summary, the female student is my wife-to-be. She was responsible for all that happened in my office on that day. If after four years of dating, waiting to consummate our union, she suddenly turned around to be cleverly taking pictures of the body parts as evidence to indict me, I must not handle the case alone, since my wife at home is privy to our relationship.

“Since our relationship was being planned towards marriage after her graduation, I already took my wife into confidence on in, even though the lady wants the relationship to be kept secret. It is now I can understand why she wanted the relationship kept secret and that she had never been sincere.

“I want the panels to discountenance and dismiss the petition. It is a ploy to escape marrying me despite her promise and all the assistance I have rendered to her including the awards she had taken within the period of her studentship.”


(Culled from SaharaReporters)


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