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Nigeria will collapse before 2027 if – Pat Utomi



 Nigeria will collapse before 2027 if Pat Utomi

Professor Pat Utomi has predicted Nigeria will collapse before the 2027 general elections going by the current trajectory the country’s political leaders have taken.

The political economy and management expert who was speaking on AriseTV program Morning Show, monitored by PlatinumPost hinged his prediction on the present system the country is running.

Mr. Utomi cautioned that unless the system is completely overhauled the imminent collapse of Nigeria is inevitable.

His words: “So, I want to talk about the challenges we have as a country, sometimes we either play the ostrich or show that we are not moving with trends all the troubles we have today, were anticipated, predicted by people who simply follow the global trend and I could tell you that I’m not surprised. Everything I wrote twenty years ago. I predicted everything that is happening in Nigeria today.

“And I can tell you without batting an eyelid, just looking at trends, that if we don’t get 2022 right there won’t be Nigeria in five years from now. That is how bad, how important 2022 is, it’s a make-or-break year for Nigeria. One of the things I suggest is that Nigeria is in a downward period for a prolonged time. The problem is a systemic, fundamentally anti-program all because of the “narcissism of the political class And very very important, because other political parties in Nigeria, there is a systematic logo that the problem of our country and a clear understanding of a way forward.

“No matter what anyone brings to the table, it is a systemic problem. it’s is because this guy is evil or that fellow is nice. Unless we completely overhaul the system, Nigeria will just be the same I give you a clear example. “

Continuing: Mr. Utomi further revealed that “The United States government, every five years does a review of the state of the world for their strategic purposes.

“These five years reviews are called global trends reviews. How do they do this? They usually get think-tanks around the world and they look at different issues and get their intelligence services who also put together their reports, then they get experts to put this together, then they bring global leaders to reflect on these projections.

“So when they finished the one of the year 2020. They more or less suggested that within fifteen years, if nothing changes in the way we run Nigeria. Nigeria may be either a failing or a failed state.

“Now our people, our leaders, National Assembly people, who could not even read basic English took that, to be that, the United State said that Nigeria would have broken up. We never got what that report said, we just fail to be able to read the simple basic documents.

“Today if you look at any Index to see where Nigeria rank, and all of that you will agree that the report was accurate. And so all the evidence leads us to a certain clarity that if nothing extraordinary is done. Which is system review in 2022, Nigeria will be gone before the next election in 2027., that’s very clear to me not by any magic but by the following trend.

“If you read what I wrote about security in Nigeria in 2021, I founded a group called NURA (Nigeria united resist anarchy) because I saw especially after booking like Robert Kaplan, in his book, called “Coming Anarchy”. He went as far as predicting that, ethnic cleavages, religious cleavages, economic cleavages, will bring Nigeria to a boiling point from which the whole of West Africa could descend into anarchy. He even suggests that a city in Nigeria called Jos could be the point from which this takes place.

“It turns out to almost be a prophet but was not prophesying, but he was simply just looking at trends.

“And So my desperate pleads to a fellow compatriot in Nigeria is that we must completely turn this system over for the sakes of our children and grandchildren because if we don’t, I doubt if there will be Nigeria in 2027.” He warned.

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