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Beckoned to serve 



 Beckoned to serve

HIS EXCELLENCY DR. AHMED ADAMU MU’AZU CON is beckoned to serve today, he
is a leader with a difference a servant leader and not a ruler, he is acidulously
determined to see to the lasting peace and progress of our nation Nigeria.

He is building into the future with confidence and pride for a peaceful glorious
Nigeria where men and women alike are not judged by any form of sentiment, that
is why he has the pedigree and every advantage to lead Nigeria because of his
transparency accountability and committed love for the country above all.

He is not an archaeologist digging into the relics of our past political failures to
deepen negative sentiments and divide a people further, but he is a bridge-builder
who shuns positions of calumny but rather focuses on the best of people to forge
ahead for a better future, believing that the destiny of this great nation is not in the
hands of a few bad eggs but in the collective good of all Nigerians to move the
nation in the right direction for a glorious future.

The core values of His Excellency include love for humanity, uniting and fair
leadership, mentoring and respect for the rule of law, a philanthropist and a
dedicated leader, a humanitarian who has positively impacted the lives of millions
of Nigerians across the country, a silent achiever as exhibited in the past and

His Excellency Dr Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON believes in one United and peaceful
nation Nigeria, where fairness and justice for all irrespective of inclination and tribe
as he has demonstrated both in his public and private life, a technocrat of immense
reputation a decisive and proactive leader who has been tested and trusted to bring
his national and international connection to bear as he is constantly thinking of
what to do for humanity and Nigerians and not what the country can do for him
being a selfless leader.

He was entrusted with the exalted public office of Executive Governor of Bauchi
State from 1999 to 2007 where he performed excellently and brilliantly well,
setting a standard for wholistic transformation in his region and indeed Nigeria
amongst his peers, he took Bauchi State from her over 30years of “rural status ” to
modern status competing amongst her peers, by reviving and overhauling the
an entire sector of the state and impact the economy of the state and its people.

His stewardship became a reference point for most Governors in office during his
tenure, with his nag for excellence and results, he believed his citizens should get
nothing but the best, thus putting Bauchi state in the spotlight positively this time
and getting her the nickname of a “construction site of the northeast” likened to
Dubai because of the vision he had for the state and the entire citizens.
His stewardship was beyond commendation, indeed he proved himself to be a
servant leader working round the clock to ensure that he curbed and did away with
political apathy and lopsidedness in the state which could not be overemphasized
during the period under review, the state received tremendous even development
across the three senatorial zones.

However, with these leadership qualities exhibited in the state, it boosted the
the economy of the state and peaceful coexistence was further galvanized and
achieved amongst citizens with far-reaching effect to neighbouring states in the
proactive handling and quelling crisis of any guise for a greater and prosperous
Bauchi state and Nigeria as a whole.

To this backdrop, His Excellency Dr Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON has relentlessly
exhibited true qualities of a true Nigerian leader that we as a nation so desire and
as such, he should be reckoned with for any political seat in Nigeria, even as
President of Nigeria. He is amiable, humble, accountable, transparent, and honest
leader, he is most importantly a responsible stakeholder in the Nigerian project,
and Nigerians should consider him for the presidency now and beyond.
He also played a very vital role in intervening and settling the political crisis that
engulfed Bayelsa state during the period under review, to ensure that democracy
is further enhanced and entrenched in Bayelsa state, this action got him accolades
from the whole country for the way and manner which he waded into this situation,
upholding his core value of fairness and justice for all.

Moreover, His Excellency has the courage and determination with all the qualities
to move us out of this cistern to the apex by God’s grace as President. he is a true
lover of democracy and remains cardinal and objective in protecting our hard-earned democracy and rule of law.

Today as a country we are largely at a crossroad, with our collective destinies being
threatened with attendant crises both politically and economically, ridiculing our
post-independence journey as an independent nation that is still stuck in the
woods of oblivion, despite the abundance of both human and natural resources
and enough potential to be the best amongst nations, but for one thing, sound and
courageous leadership which has become a lacuna, hence the need to elect a
passionate Nigerian who has core values at heart, one who is educated and has put
the knowledge to work, a strong visionary, determined and hardworking from his
pedigree and background, above all a leader who has a love for his country and fellow
countrymen void of sentiments, one who is not an opportunist, all these qualities
points to His Excellency Dr Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON, a visionary leader who is
endowed and prepared with the political will to lead this blessed country out of
the woods to a greater height Gods willing.

Fellow citizens, women and youths of today want a leader who will bring us out
of the woods which we found ourselves, never has Nigeria been so divided along
all lines as it is today we need a leader who has built bridges across the length and
the breadth of this nation, that has friends and brothers across the four corners of this
nation, a leader who does not discriminate along political, religious, ethnic and
interest lines, His Excellency Dr Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON demonstrates all these
qualities and more, as Governor of Bauchi state, under his watch everyone saw his
or herself a citizen of Bauchi state, irrespective of where they came from, he saw
everyone as Nigerians, he provided the enabling environment for everyone to
thrive by believing in his citizen’s potentials, the result was economic and social
resurrection thereby, bringing progress to both the state and to individuals who
saw themselves as one people of a state. His Excellency appointed persons who
were not considered “indigenes” into political offices and gave equal playing fields
to businesses and organizations with excellence and results as his mantra, thus
uniting his citizens, he made everyone felt carried along and part of his open door
policy government, a leader who saw everyone as a Nigerian, a leader who gave
hope to a great future of Nigeria, this was a taste of the kind of leadership we
desperately desire today as a nation and for him, it was a testing ground for this
all-inclusive and just leadership in the nucleus of the new Nigeria which we
envision today, and he passed with flying colours enough to be trusted to lead our
nation Nigeria today.

Fellow Nigerians women and youths of this blessed nation Nigeria, transforming
and upholding the tenants of our hard-earned democracy and rule of law is a task
that must be accomplished or else we sentence our posterity into many years of
doom. therefore, the need to exercise the power of our thumb devoid of myopic
and blind sentiments to ensuring that our votes count in the 2023 general elections
and beyond in Nigeria must be observed with kin interests and determination to
bring on board a true leader that will curb the present political correctness in
Nigeria which many are taking advantage of, to ravage the very fabric that keeps
us together as one progressive people and nation, to the detriment of the
electorates and ordinary citizens of Nigeria.

All these qualities seen in His Excellency Dr Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON gave the
PDP the courage to approach him on a rescue mission of the party, hence the nick
name ‘Game changer” when it was ravaged with serious internal crisis and
wrangling that changed the party’s fate to date. when he assumed office as the
National Chairman of the largest political party in Africa, PDP, he met and faced a
a lot of challenges, having met a divided and fractionalized party with hectic and
cumbersome problems in the build-up to an election year of the party it did not
deter him from putting his best to ensure that the party was fully revived by calling
the party faithful to embrace the virtue of forgiveness embracing one another for
the progress of the party and the nation at large and to consequently position the
party to victory at the polls. He was determined to change the dwindling fortunes
of the party since he came on board as chairman of the party believing that he will
get the support of other party leaders to turn things around. PDP remained the
the only party to beat during the period under review, He did all his best to revive the
lost glory of the party but for the short period of time he had before the general

A true friend of His Excellency, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR, because there
was no time that he did not identify himself with Him, this still went on to confirm
that His Excellency Dr Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON is an epitome of national unity
and a political figure who had the courage to preach against politics on religious
and tribal (ethnic) lines in Nigeria. He preached and warned party faithful and
leadership that he did not support such evil campaigns because of his values for
love and respect for fellow man and country, this was a dangerous trend which His
Excellency pleaded to Nigerians and even the party to desist as it was bound to
consume the party to the detriment of the unity and progress of a nation. Had the
political powers of the party listened to his timely and wise counsel, the party’s
fortune would have probably been better.

“We should avoid absolutely the bitterness in politics, a campaign of calumny,
politics of dichotomy, embrace one another irrespective of any form of sentiments
to build our democracy and nation to reserve the future for prosperity should form
the major basis of our campaigns “

-His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON
Our a country should be placed first before our respective parties and individual
interest, we are all living witnesses today in this country that it was in this period
the PDP was named and aligned be a Christian party in the north, this sentiment
was whopped so much that it prevented the free movement and campaign of the
party in some parts of the country as religious colouration was brought into play,
many of the party chieftains were attacked, setting a dangerous pace in our political
the sphere as a nation. His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON is a true citizen
who is principled, has a deep respect for democracy and the rule of law, whose love
for unity and development of Nigeria has always looked out for the best interest of
our nation, above self-interest or personal gains, respected and protected the
interests of the party and its aspirant without fear or favour but in the true spirit of
With these traits, Nigerians should be able to understand that His Excellency is ever
prepared, determined and ready to project and propel the country to enviable

Finally, this is a call for us to look inward and not look too far, for that leader that
we need is right here with us, to avoid regrets in the future, we should consider in
our journey to nationhood, to please elect leaders without using religion, ethnic,
tribal influence, or godfatherism as parameters but to look inwards beyond our
nose to invest our future wisely with persons who strongly believe by their
antecedents that things are not right with Nigeria, who hunger for a positive change
for a better country, a true Nigerian and true citizen who sees every Nigerian
equally irrespective of tribe, as a Nigerian. Over the years, His Excellency Dr Ahmed
Adamu Mu’azu CON has proven it and so we will be investing wisely to save the
future of Nigeria in this quality of a great leader that he is, in the same vein we
should look at His Excellency Dr Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON, like an innocent lamb,
who is willing to once again offer himself for the greatness of Nigerians and
the greatness of our nation Nigeria. Today, enormous responsibilities beckon upon
him to serve and only a man with such a heart of gold, a man who is agitated at the
the state of Nigeria, a man with a heart to move this nation forward with passion and
love for the country that is above self-interest, regional interest, religion and ethnic
For His Excellency Dr Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu CON, THE GREATNESS OF NIGERIA,
Written by
Amb. Ken Akpan PhD
[email protected]

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