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Yoruba group spits fire over alleged planned arrest of Prof. Akintoye



 Yoruba group spits fire over alleged planned arrest of Prof Akintoye
President General of the Yoruba World Congress, Prof. Banji Akintoye

A coalition of Yoruba Self-determination groups has warned the Federal Government against making any attempt to arrest the renowned historian and Second Republic senator, Prof. Banji Akintoye, saying such a step will complicate the already-tensed atmosphere.

There have been media reports that the Federal Government might arrest Akintoye, who is championing self-determination for the Yoruba Nation.

A statement by the Secretary-General of the Coalition of Self-determination Groups, Dr. Steven Abioye and made available to The Guardian, yesterday, said that arresting Prof. Akintoye would worsen the problems of the nation.

The statement stated: “What exactly is Buhari’s fear about? Why is he so apprehensive? He (President Muhammadu Buhari) said those who are talking about restructuring don’t know what they are talking.

“The truth is that you cannot hold on to a kind of federal arrangement in which a section of the country that is even unproductive is lording it over the other sections and you will expect people from the marginalised areas to still want to remain in such arrangement.

“So, Buhari and his cronies can continue with their confrontational approach in handling this separatist agitation, but let them know that they are only complicating the matter.

“If they arrest the agitators, they should be sure more Igbohos, more Akintoyes and more Dokubos would spring up in due course.”

“Agitation is a mind phenomenon. It is a spontaneous reaction to an oppressive situation, which doesn’t easily die down.

“Has the Federal Government arrested the leaders of the murderous Fulani herdsmen who have sent many people into their early graves before clamping down on defenceless agitators who are not harming anyone?”

According to the group, “the more they continue with such method, which is arresting agitators, the more the country approaches its collapse.

“If they try to arrest Prof. Bani Akintoye, then they are making the agitators to be more popular and making their struggle to be gaining more acceptance,” the statement further stated.

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