Nigeria @ 59: Nigerians urged to be patriotic in telling country’s story

Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Singapore Chapter has underscored the need to be patriotic in telling the Nigerian story, saying that in doing so children will be encouraged to imbibe the spirit  of nationalism.

Vice President of the organisation Dr. Jonathan Obaje said this in an  interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Obaje was speaking against the backdrop of Nigeria’s 59th independence anniversary on Oct. 1.

He said that telling children patriotic stories about the country and about individuals and groups that worked selflessly to ensure the progress and growth of the country would motivate them to develop passion and patriotism for their country.

“Nigerians around the globe should give our children reasons to be proud of their country.

“Great nations provide enabling environment for every citizen to attain the very best possible life goals.

“Subsequently, the citizens  give back their best to the society; we long to tell our children stories of good government and selfless leaders who make every citizen proud and respected globally.

“We should look for stories of self-made Nigerians around the globe to provide our children some reasons to be proud and also contribute to the growth of Nigeria,” he said.

Obaje suggested that the Nigerian Independence Day should be celebrated to give hope to children struggling with identity.

According to him,  if that is done, people will be encouraged to venture into politics to serve and leave behind good and admirable legacies.

“When politics and governance are used as a means of making quick and easy money with no repercussions, celebrating independence becomes a celebration of poverty and hopelessness,” Obaje said.

He said that NIDO-Singapore planned to organise Barbeque on the East Coast Beach for families and friends of Nigeria in that country to mark the 59th independence anniversary on Tuesday Oct. 1. (NAN)


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