PFN President, Omobude reacts to Fatoyinbo’s rape allegations

President of the Pentecostal Fellowship​ of Nigeria (PFN), Rev. Felix Omobude, has warned​ that the religious body will not shield Pentecostal pastors who feel they can live carelessly and take undue advantage of their congregation.

Omobude sounded the warning in a statement made available to journalist Benin, in response to the rape saga made against the senior pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

He said the PFN was saddened and disturbed by the allegations of criminal conduct and serial impropriety that had been made against the embattled man of God, but added that “the PFN will not shield anyone who crosses the line.”

“The PFN is utterly shocked at these allegations, as the acts that have been alleged are not only criminal in nature but antithetical to the tenets of Christianity and a violent breach of the trust that ought to exist between members of the congregation and a Minister of the Gospel,” he said.

While condemning in strong terms, allegations levelled against Fatoyinbo, Omobude, however, expressed the support and prayers of the PFN for the embattled man of God.

“We strongly condemn this ignoble and dastardly conduct as alleged against Pastor Fatoyinbo. Our prayers, thoughts and support are with all those who have fallen victim as have been reported.

“PFN strongly believe in the pursuit of truth and will ensure that truth is unveiled in this whole matter and appropriate sanctions served.

“Although Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo has, not in the past subscribed to the PFN, we recognize that he is a Pentecostal Pastor,” Omobude added.

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