Ahmadu Ali’s son joins Kogi governorship race

Son of former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman Dr. Ahmadu Ali has joined the growing list of governorship aspirants in Kogi State for the November election.

Mohammed Nasarudeen Ali, who announced his intention to contest the PDP ticket in Abuja Monday, said the state has lagged behind for too long and needs a vibrant young man to take it out of the wood.

Ali, who refused to access the performance of the state’s All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration said he was not out to condemn any candidate, arguing that he believe he has a better programme.

He added that he was the only one presently in the race that has set up an industry in the state and employing several young men and providing means of livelihood for families.

Mohammed said he plans to replicate that gesture in all parts of the state once elected governor.

The aspirant said it was time for the people to leave behind ethnic politics and vote for competence and people, who can ensure true development.

Asked how his father’s political structures would impact in his ambition, the younger Ali said the contest was not about his father, but about the state, refusing to admit that his father’s image would play a role.

He is, however, convinced that his mother, Dr. Maryam Ahmadu Ali’s membership of the ruling party in Kogi State, the APC, will not affect his chances of becoming the next governor.

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