Amaechi raises alarm over planned campaign of calumny, lies

A former Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, on Thursday, said there was a well-oiled plot to orchestrate a heavily funded smear campaign of calumny and lies against him.

A statement by the former minister’s media office said attempts were being made to “peddle all sorts of fictitious, misleading and outrightly concocted stories, distorted and manipulated documents that would smudge the image and cast aspersions on the character, integrity and high morals of Amaechi.”

The statement added, “The deceitful plan of this ominously funded campaign is to tarnish the towering status; and do as much damage as possible to the character and reputation of Amaechi in the hearts, minds and eyes of members of the public, using both traditional and online (social) media.

“One aspect of the reprehensible conspiracy is to unscrupulously drag the name of Amaechi and a member of his immediate family into the internal affairs and operations of the Niger Delta Development Commission in a manner and way that is designed and intended to bring disrepute and opprobrium to his character and reputation.

“In respect to the NDDC, the defamation campaigners intend to create, make and push to the public space all sorts of speculative and baseless allegations against Amaechi… and fake documents.  For clarity, we state emphatically that Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is not involved in anyway, in the management and operations of the NDDC.”

The statement  warned members of the public to beware of  “operation destroy’ Amaechi campaigners,”  and also appealed to both traditional media and online (social) media practitioners to be wary of the “insidious shenanigans of these purveyors and hawkers of fake news that is solely intended to deceive the public and destroy the sterling record of many years of meritorious public service by Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.”

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