FCTA gives 2 weeks ultimatum to residents of Lokogoma to vacate waterways

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) on Wednesday gave two weeks ultimatum to residents of Ipet-5 Estate in Lokogoma District, Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), whose buildings are along waterways and road corridors, to vacate the areas.

The FCT Permanent Secretary, Mr Chinyeaka Ohaa, gave the warning during an unscheduled visit to the Estate, in Abuja.

Ohaa said that after the two weeks ultimatum, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) would move in and demolish all structures along the waterways and road corridors.

He said that the buildings to be removed by the administration, after the ultimatum, are structures built on 20 meters from the both sides of rivers.

The permanent secretary explained that the buildings along the water ways and road corridors, in the estate, are the cause of the perennial flooding in area.

He also said that the buildings were built without approval from the administration, adding that the owners of the buildings were given allocations by the administration on where to build, but they have left the original allocations to build on waterways and on road corridors.

He, therefore, advised residents to always conduct investigations and ensure due diligence before agreeing to buy any property, to avoid paying for wrong properties or wrong places.

The Chairman of Lokogoma 11 Residents Association, Mr Stanley Ugwu, revealed that most of the affected buildings were bought from the developers.

He said that the owners of the buildings never believed

that due diligence were not conducted before the building were sold to them.

Ugwu, therefore, appealed to the FCTA to assist the affected building owners to get compensation from the developers, adding that it was only the administration that could enforce such action. (NAN)

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