Germany wants pending EU summit set climate targets for 2050

Germany is aiming for the European Union to set definite targets for greenhouse gas emissions at the bloc’s summit at the end of the week, the Minister of State for Europe, Michael Roth, said in Luxembourg on Tuesday.

“We are working toward this. Greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050 is an excellent target in our view,’’ Roth said.

The Social Democrat (SPD) member of the Bundestag said the EU had to show the way on global standards, creating clarity so that all those involved could adapt to the target.

“Climate neutrality means that most greenhouse gas emissions must be eliminated and the rest compensated for; for example, by reforestation or storage.

“This would only be possible by shifting from fossil fuels to renewable, along with extremely frugal energy use,’’ Roth said.

France and other EU members have launched an initiative aimed at setting targets for 2050 now.

Germany initially hesitated, although it has now joined the initiative.

Meanwhile, certain eastern members of the bloc remain opposed.

George Ciamba, Europe Minister for Romania, which currently holds the EU presidency, has spoken of difficult discussions, noting that the decision lies with the EU heads at the summit itself. (dpa/NAN)

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