Beggars will soon be arrested, parents who deny their children education be prosecuted – Ganduje


Kano State government will soon start arresting street beggars and parents who refuse to send their children to school, the state governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has revealed.

Ganduje said the state government, in collaboration with the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II would soon submit a bill to the House of Assembly to that effect.

Ganduje, who stated this during an interactive session with UNICEF Youth Advocacy in Government House, on Monday, disclosed that the bill, if signed into law, would ensure that education is compulsory for every child from primary to secondary school level.

He added that the bill would also outrightly ban street begging, adding that street beggars would be arrested and their parents be prosecuted for failing to give their children formal education.

He said “Begging is not religion. Begging is not in the religion of Islam. Those children begging on the street instead of going to school will be arrested and their parents be charged to court for failing to take them to goal school.

The governor also disclosed that the bill, if signed into law, would reform the institution of marriage and discourage early marriage, which according to him, effect the well-being of girl-child negatively.

“These girls are married off at 11,12 or 13 years without completing their education or even not be taken to school at all. This has a negative impact on their well-being. Their body is not strong enough to withstand the rigorous nature of pregnancy, as such, they become vulnerable to so many diseases.

“Beside, they will not get education which is a very important in their life. Women education is a treasure to society. So, we will come up with a law to protect girl-child education,” said Ganduje

The governor also expressed delight on the quality of teachers in Kano, saying that the state has less than 3% of unqualified teachers in its schools.

He thanked the representatives of UNICEF and High Level Women Advocates (HILWA) for coming up with crucial issues on education in the state, saying, “had these moves happened 20 years ago, we would have now been discussing other issues not education.”

“But it is still not late. Education development is a collective effort. All hands must be index to achieve that feat. I am very happy with your initiative and visit. You have indeed made my day and scratche where it itches me. Congratulations,” he said

Earlier in a remark, team leader of the UNICEF in Kano, Ni’imatullah Bala Umar commended the governor for his commitment in education.

He also urged the governor to do more in the area of students enrolment, funding and infrastructure, as well as improvement in girls education.

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