Reply your query, Yakassai urges Emir Sanusi

Elder statesman and Second Republic politician, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, has charged the investigators of the alleged financial mismanagement of Kano Emirate Council to be objective and impartial in the discharge of their responsibilities.

Reacting to the reported query that was issued to the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi, on Thursday, the elder statesman maintained that a query should not be a cause of worry or surprise as it is a normal process of establishing the truth in any matter.

He urged the emir to go through the content of the allegations against him and provide answers to the issues raised, saying that if someone raises a complaint against one, the correct thing to do is to give the respondent a chance to answer and defend himself.

Alhaji Tanko, who admitted that he read of the query in the media, recalled that part of the submissions of the Kano State Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission in its interim report was that the emir was not cooperating with their investigation.

He cautioned that his refusal to submit himself to their investigation would certainly not be helpful in this case as silence both in the Common Law and in Islam is deemed as consent.

The elder statesman also dismissed the suggestions that the Emir of Kano should resign at this stage, saying that it would surely not solve the problem as the accusations leveled against him would still be there even if he is no longer there as the Emir of Kano.

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