Senate under my Leadership will not be a rubber stamp, will not undermine the Executive, says Lawan

The Senate Majority Leader Mr. Ahmed Lawan have said that if elected as the Senate President of the ninth Senate he will not be a rubber stamp but will not engage the Executive Arm of Government in needless fight.

Lawan who was speaking to journalists in Abuja over the weekend, said an unhealthy relationship between the two arms of government will only make the country suffer more.

The lawmaker, who is the preferred candidate of the All progressive congress (APC), said his support for the President Buhari shouldn’t be misconstrued that he will be a rubber stamp.

The relationship between the leadership of the 8th Assembly and the Executive has not been rosy as both parties have openly disagreed over issues.

“In terms of the relationship between the executive and the legislature, I believe that you can have two relationships,” Mr Lawan said.

“The first is a negative one, the other one is a positive one. If you choose to fight, the two arms suffer and the country suffers even more. Because it is not possible for you to fight and yet get something done for the country.

“I don’t belong to the school of thought of encouraging fighting between the two arms of government. I can tell you I was in opposition for 16 years from 1999 to 2015. I argued and opposed positions that I felt was supposed to be opposed. But I knew the limits of my opposition when the issues before us were issues that would make life better for Nigerians.

“The other side is working together and not fighting. That has to be explained. When you have to work together you would disagree and by design of the constitution, the legislature has been given some functions that would naturally make the executive sit up or feel uncomfortable.

“There would be a day when the executive would send something that could be in colour white and the legislature would see it as grey because our perspective are meant to be different from time to time for the benefit of Nigerians,” he said.

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