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Cardi B Talks Motherhood And What Unfortunate Trait She Passed To Her Daughter



 Cardi B Talks Motherhood And What Unfortunate Trait She Passed To Her Daughter

Cardi B is not only a passionate artiste, but she has also made it clear she is a passionate mother with her even going as far as confronting rap rival, Nicki Minaj for liking a post about her parenting.

The mother of one earlier this week stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” during his Brooklyn trip and during her chat, and she was only too happy to gush about the joy her daughter, Kulture has brought into her life. However, it is not all sunshine and roses as she also revealed that her baby broke her body during childbirth.

When Kimmel asked her if childbirth was harder or easier than she thought it would be, Cardi immediately shot back,

“It was totally harder.” She then added, “She broke my vagina.”

Cardi’s blunt answer had Kimmel laughing uncomfortably and she went on to explain,

“Why nobody told you about those things? Nobody told me they were gonna stitch my vagina,” she lamented.

On whether she wants more kids and how many kids she would like to have in total, the rapper admitted she wants to have three or four kids, she also said she wishes she had started earlier and seems ready to get pregnant again right away.

“This [is] what I was missing my whole life,” she explained.

Cardi B Trolls 2018 MTV VMAs Crowd by Teasing Daughter Kulture’s First Public Appearance. Photo People

When Kimmel asked if she thought she may be needed to take a beat before getting pregnant again, Cardi responded,

“I do feel like I need a rest, but oh my god, the happiness that my baby brung me is just like I could just do this over and over again.”

It would be recalled the multiple award-winning rapper recently asked her fans if they’d be mad if she got pregnant again. This is coming after she revealed that she was advised not to have this first child so early in her career. She said,

“Oh well, you know, people have mixed feelings.”

She also admitted she may have passed her attitude to her daughter when she said,

“My husband used to tell me, like, stop screaming and stop catching that attitude when you pregnant ’cause you’re gonna pass that to the baby, and it’s like, I did. I did,” Cardi B admitted sheepishly to Kimmel.

“I already see it coming,” Cardi said. “She really is very demanding and it’s just like, but– fine.”


Watch the interview below:

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